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 Downloading KCVDS, YVD, Byond

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PostSubject: Downloading KCVDS, YVD, Byond   Thu Sep 11, 2008 6:43 pm

we use KCVDS 1.15, Byond, and trying out YVD.

Here are the bundle we support with (comes with everything):
[Yugioh Bundle]

Here are steps to installing these things.

KCVDS 1.15:

1. Register Battle City [Here]
2. Download Bundle above
3. Install KCVDS 1.15 in folder (ignore MSWINSCK for now)
4. Go to Start ----> Run
5. Copy & paste this: C:\Program Files\Kaiba Corporation\KCVDS
6. The VERY top left, there is a folder then name. (EX: [V] KCVDS). Drag folder to Desktop
7. Double Click on "Shortcut to KCVDS" and go to KCVDS.exe [go to "problem" section if you get a problem with MSWINSCK.OCX]
8. Enjoy


1. Register Byond [Here]
2. Download Bundle Above
3. Install "Byond" in folder
4. Login Byond
5. Under games tab, where "Games in:" go to "Byond Anima"
6. Find "Duel Monsters Unlimited" (NOT DUEL MONSTERS ONLINE)
7. Click on "Duel Monsters Unlimited", and press the button "Add"
8. Now go to "(My Favorites)" where "Game in:" is at to see if its there.
9. Have Fun

MSWINSCK.OCX for KCVDS 1.15 (reason thats in the bundle)

1. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32
2. Drag MSWINSCK.OCX in there
3. Have fun.

NOTE: This works for Windows XP, i don't know if it works in Vista

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Downloading KCVDS, YVD, Byond
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