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 Rules in Yugioh Ground

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PostSubject: Rules in Yugioh Ground   Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:02 pm

Here are some rules you need to follow in this forum only.

1. no spam of any kind whatsoever. unless if you do it in the spam room, if i ever make one. Caught with this goes with the chart below.

2. no porn. period. caught with this would be permanent ban.

3. no flaming to other people. if people feel offensive about things and 'YOU' know it, you could get warned. Caught with this goes with the chart below.

4. you may use the "curse" words. but it might look very odd. (EX: sit)



1st offense: warned as 30%
2nd offense: warned increase by 60%
3rd offense: increase by 110% (2 days ban)
4th offense: warn increase by 300% (3 days ban)
5th offense warn increase by 3000% (30 days banned)
6th (last) offense: warn increase by infinite% (Ban forever)

Ways to redeem yourself:
when you get warned, you have a chance of redeeming yourself before you hit other offenses.

1. pay offense # times by 50 (offense 1: 50 rubble, offense 5: 250 rubble)
2. say sorry to anything you have done to the specific person who you've done it to (ONLY for offense 1 or 2)


Other Things
I will update by time this forum is done.

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Rules in Yugioh Ground
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